F a r e w e ll

Alas, the time is nigh.

I will be transferring to regular posts on Instagram/Youtube and completely revamp the online presence. That means deleting personal accounts of social media so not to deter me.

As mentioned previously, you can find my new pages through my current social media accounts here – here. I’m giving myself around another month before I post links and delete the accounts. If you miss it, you can find me under hbmusic (most likely will look similar to h_b_music across platforms)

I hope that you’re all looking forward to a future where you’ll probably see and hear me play….maybe even talk?!

Keep and eye out!!

Until then, be driven, get motivated and most importantly.

Live the Life YOU want to lead.

Hb x



Update #1

I’m so sorry I’ve been away for such a long time guys. Ever since I finished my recital my main focus has been working on developing my brand and projects for after I graduated + sorting something regular i.e. teaching and hospitality work so I’m able to fuel my dreams!

That’s lots of discussion/meetings/planning as well as performing. I also won’t be blogging after the 5th August (subscription ends) and will be focusing on my online presence. You’ll be able to follow me through here where I’ll link you guys into other accounts such as my new website + Youtube, Facebook and Twitter….once it’s all running smoothly. You can see my website here (I’ll probably edit this/switch to another site once I publishing music)

Anyhow – here’s a summarisation of what’s been going on.


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Until the last post on WordPress and until the first post of my project.

Have a great week.

H x



Update #1

Stay fresh


We all know what day of the week it is. That’s right folks, it’s Monday but not just any Monday.



…and it’s important to keep what you love doing fresh. All too often we musicians lose that creative spark, that excitement, that enduring passion to make music. 

So here are some of my tips to keep unwanted slumps at bay and keep you motivation levels at an all time high:

  1. Start the day right – wake up and begin the day with the same positive enthusiasm as when you played for the first time. Try listening to the music you want to play to get you hyped to get to that next level!
  2. Get some Headspace – with or without support. Give your mind some room to allow creativity to happen naturally – simply sitting down with the same curiosity when you first began is one great way. 
  3. Have a goal – without a specific target in mind it can be difficult to stay focused on the prize. Write or draw your passion(s) and remind yourself of why you do what you do!
  4. Step away – doing the same thing day in day out takes it’s toll, even on the most accomplished musicians. Do something different that rejuvenates that fresh feeling. Why not take a walk, listen to an Audible book or tap a nap? If anything, make sure that it’s invigorating and somewhat related to your passion.

Here’s one new thing I did last week. I listened to an early romantic novel by a German novelist of which the language is heavily emphasised, making the story creatively inspiring to write music (lots of Romantic art and literature have helped to create the most well known pieces of music in history) 

So stay fresh and share your fresh motivation with your friends and colleagues too!

It’d be great to hear you thoughts and I invite you to! 

W A T C H  –  T H I S  –  S P A C E

H x

#BlogNo. 34

Stay fresh

This past week…

As mentioned in my previous blog I went home for the week to do Little Shop of Horrors and I have to say it’s an awesome show to play and watch! Highly recommend it. Here’s my setup below! 


The week seemed like I was there for months so it must have been me making the most of Bath. Here’s what I did and do do as soon as I get up – improvise and create. Finishing studies and entering a new passage in life is like beginning 1st year again. It’s all about ‘the journey’ and ‘finding yourself’ 😀 


Don’t get me wrong I love Cardiff and sometimes it’s nice to be able to do my day-to-to activities as I wish – though I will miss being at the RWCMD with all the experiences. Today is the day we all find out our results and the 31 days we have left will most definitely become reality. Even more so, flights are booked an Brazil is officially happening! Woop! More travels to strengthen my world percussion playing to come next year (hopefully)

This week is REPCo rehearsals (student lead concerts) for the gig next week.

REPCo has brought me back in what is now an unfamiliar setting

It’s also Jazz week with many exams/performances taking place inc. travelling to London to see Django Bates (check out his album here) and from there I set on the final part of the rwcmd journey to perform the Opera, The Magic Flute! Go to the rwcmd website to see what’s on! 

So I’m going to love you and leave you for today. Have a great week one and all and I’ll be back for more and news on today’s verdict! 

Late night inspiration – Bob Marley Documentary

Peace ‘n’ ❤ 

W A T C H  –  T H I S  –  S P A C E

H x

#BlogNo. 33

This past week…

From bubble to reality

It only feels like yesterday that I was waiting with apprehension before I stood on stage and yet still with a silent stillness. The word comfortable springs to mind. 

Since that day which was exactly 12 days ago the feeling of being immersed in an intense heated environment to the world of reality has become more of a norm than it was at first. I imagine for most students, the feelings you get with thoughts such as ‘now what do I do?!’, ‘how do I organise my time?!’ tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Unless you intend on taking a gap yar to find oneself 😉 

If you’ve read my previous blogs you probably know me a little bit better and know I’m a rather driven person. So much so that even the day after the performance I was planning how, what, where, when and why I was going to do to. No wonder 12 days felt as quick as falling asleep to waking up does.

I’ve been sorting practising to develop my abilities at playing what I want to portray, composing my ideas clearly, transcribing, sorting my CV (so I can at least have something regular) working hard on electronics, reading more than ever, listening, applying for funding to extended travels + patent and now I back in Bath doing Little Shop of Horrors! As you can see, this is me getting into reality and driving myself towards my passion in every single way possible. I went on a walk with my dad yesterday he put it as ‘planting the seed’ and so that’s what is happening –  many a seed to be planted so let’s get started. 

Once I’m back from Cardiff in early July, I will get my projects underway and let you guys see what I can do. I would begin now though it is more straight forward in my own space where I can setup higher quality audio and videos + other projects!

I’m rather excited. So stay tuned. 

W A T C H  –  T H I S  –  S P A C E

#BlogNo. 32

Late night tune of the week – Django Bates’ Belovèd – The Study Of Touch

Less Is More
From bubble to reality

Don’t * * * * just be nice!

The title is based on what one of my good friends said with a raised voice and a Northern accent that would make anybody’s day. No matter about the implied expletive (open to interpretation) what he said is rather true.

Alas, I’m no longer a student. With a 4-year degree finished and a sudden realisation that you’re entirely dependent on yourself (exciting!!) and with no masters to prepare for (no way, not now….if at all…!?) and that that title makes a whole lot of sense.

It’s funny because in the 3rd and final year you begin to think you’re “outside” of the bubble, the bubble of a close and intense environment. Never did I think or imagine the real sensation of being outside of the bubble. It felt like space, I mentally and physically crashed and now from a different and new view point it’s clear that no matter how clued up on human relations you are….you won’t see eye-to-eye with everybody and you see that some are just consumed in their world and their bubble…..and for what? Why? Just be nice!

As an acquaintance once said;

 There’s more to life than just being stuck in a box practicing all day. 

W       •       O         •        R        •       D

Post-Recital feat. Tech. View it on Instagram!

So the past 5 days has been a roller coaster and a plan-daily fest. Now with no ties, it’s time get to action. It won’t be an over night job but who knows what lies ahead.

For those who have been supporting me up to now…THANK YOU! It will have been a year this September since my first post and it’s been great to see you guys follow the journey with me.

W A T C H  –  T H I S  –  S P A C E

No rest for the wicked

#BlogNo. 31

H x

Don’t * * * * just be nice!

Good morning WordPress

Sunday is the same as any other day so that’s why I rose at 6.30am #whatisaliein

Waking up and going to bed in sync with the sunrise and sunset is, I think is essential for a balance in daily life and that for sure is going to put in you in better stead. Why? Because naturally we resonate with the Earth’s frequency (approx 7.83hz) and without the technology that keeps our cycle out of sync, we’d also naturally rise with nature. This means our bodies biologically will function (at the individuals’) norm. 

Not only does this keep you in routine, there’s also just something about waking up with nature that gives you this positive energy. Give it a go, don’t set an alarm and when the sun has risen get up and so this way, the temptation to snooze your alarm is removed. Besides you can’t beat how picturesque mornings are! Just take a look at this beauty I quickly took below during my HIIT session this morning. 

Check it on my Instagram!

So to business, this week has been a positively energising, albeit tiring week. Lots of performance preparation, lessons, practice and focusing on one thing and one thing only. The final performance looms and in 2 days I will have completed my 4 years at the RWCMD. Just writing this gives me an adrenaline burst! Ah! So set yourself for that Monday motivation rise and re-imagine a time when you reached the ‘beginning of the end’. On a side note, I was given the opportunity to cover teaching for the Junior Conservatoire yesterday and teaching was a new-found passion. Teaching Latin Percussion and seeing a student progress even in 1 hour is rewarding and if you take anything away from this blog today, take this;

Arouse in the other person an eager want

Thanks for reading and watch this space as I will want to share some video/audio of my performance to you guys! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and week 🙂 

H x

Sending positive vibes right here


Good morning WordPress