First Blog


I’m Harry and I am a musician (major enthusiast of world percussion and drumming) I had been thinking, quite a lot really, about documenting what it is like to live the life of a musician. It has taken a while for me to take the plungeand to share my own experiences as a training musician – you know the story, ‘I’m afraid of what people will think’, ‘will anybody actually care what I say’, ‘is what I’m saying boring?!’

From the stresses, enjoyments and fulfilling task of doing what you love, I think it’ll be an exciting journey. Not only do I want to share my experiences, but also anything and everything that I think of! I have lots of crazy ideas, and anybody that has ever met me would agree. It stemmed from the day I set myself the task of learning or taking something valuable from any form of experience(s) I have, and to see how this approach could (and would) change my perspective of life.  A little of what I have to offer: I dig philosophy, calisthenics and health, meditation, words of motivational wisdom, coffee (especially coffee) and socialising.

What’s The Main Reason That Made Me Want To Blog?

I want to put my stance on the world, about what I am passionate about. Everyday, I put everything into what I do. No such thing as excuses, just getting through the grind of hard work. Now, I feel it’s time to say my piece, and time to Do It. So here it is.

Coming Soon…

…will be my next Blog. I’ll be writing about what motivates me, what I do to motivate myself and how creating some of my own techniques has led me to where I am today.

I hope to see you all here again soon!


My current setup! 
First Blog

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