A Day In The Life Of A Music Maniac

Concepts, tools and life

I won’t bore you with what I do every minute of the day…

but I’ll interest you in the way I think about practising, music and the concepts I use through life experiences.

As a final year student, I’m pushing myself to the upper limit in practising on a daily routine. You might ask, ‘What do you practise and How do you know what to practise?’

I see it like this; in everything that we do, we must first learn the basics. From here, once we reach a level of proficiency in a particular field, within that field, then we begin to take the steps to progressing day by day. Or in other words, say drumming is one HUUUGE bubble, and there are LOOOOOTS of other bubbles within that huge bubble. These smaller bubbles are the areas within drumming that you can delve into, to develop your proficiency in drumming.

Let’s go one step further…stay with me

When I go into these smaller bubbles, within the big bubble, I get even smaller bubbles smaller bubbles!!! I’m basically breaking down each element to the max and learning as much as possible about these elements. So as you can see, when you want to learn/re-learn something new, you can break into the area time and time again as you begin to learn about what it is you’re learning (big bubble) the ideas that you’re creating out of that (small bubbles) and how you can use your own ideas and develop them (even smaller bubbles)

This is the tool that I use when I practise on a day to day basis. I think looking into specific areas or ideas is too complicated. Rather, trying to see that specific idea as a very small subject, trying to see it as a whole is not only easier on the mind, it is 💯% way more efficient to break it down whilst still maintaining focus on the huuuuuuge bubble!


If I was learning to play hand to hand movements, known as single strokes, with control and speed (like this! Single Stroke Roll: Rudiment Breakdown) I will first learn, what they are. This could be, knowing the notation value, how it fits in a beat and/or 4 beat bar, how it sounds after playing for 20 minutes (when you play the same exercise for a period of time, the sound of where the notes should be almost come out of sync with the beat!! Similar to this Mark Guiliana – The 2nd note drum exercise)

Soon enough I’ll come to a point where I will, in a way, need to relearn the basics by using what I already know. Sourcing for different drummers’ perspectives on the internet for a particular topic is a great way I think. The more you can learn from others and how they tick, the more you can build a foundation of your ideas and use it to your advantage! This way, when you gather a range of information like this, you begin to enhance you. How you tick not only as a musician but as a person in life! I think that learning from all experiences, no matter how dim or amazing they may be is essential.

At the end of the day, any experience is a positive one because you learn from it!

Never. Stop. Learning.

All in all,

I always try to extract the most out of anything. The more you learn from your mistakes and experiences, the more you understand who you are and this goes hand in hand with music. The more you understand yourself, and how you understand what music is, the more ways you can express yourself.

As always, thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

I will be posting a new blog every Sunday!!

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I was drumming in Tenby, Wales last Sunday. This was in support of the Ironman triathlon. It was pretty damn epic and the crowd were loving it!
A Day In The Life Of A Music Maniac

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