First Week Back Into The Final Year

Craziness and more

It’s one of those ‘My Mind in a glance blog’ i.e. splurt everything onto screen.  

Be prepared, the following may or may not be a plethora of everything that is happening in the mind, right now, at this very moment.

I’ve not been able to be as on top of my blogging this week. So, with tired eyes, I will talk about My First Week.

The first week back is always the most full on and exciting time. In a conservatoire of music, the timetable is never consistent and it is always liable to change.

You name it! Freshers, recording’s thrown in at the last minute, pressure to perform, gigs, practising, last minute lessons, forever changing meetings and as well as making the time to see your buddies + gradually getting my name out to the big wide world. Be positive and the world will walk with you! Craaaaziness. It feels peculiar, to be the oldest of the undergrads in the college now, the sense of authority (to some extent…fresher ego, not being liked to be told what to do, even if it’s right etc) and being given new responsibilities seems a heavy #tb to 6th form at school.

I am currently reading Kahil Gibran’ The Collected Works. One quote from one of his aphorisms really stuck with me this week. It’s goes by;

Paradise is there, behind that door, in the next room; but I have lost the key. Perhaps I mislaid it.

I always read a page a day at least. I love to see how I interpret it and relate it to the world around me and myself.

Personally, I think this means that, no matter what happens life. There is always a door to be opened somewhere, all you’ve got to do, is to know when you’ve found that key, so that you can unlock it’s full potential. I’ve been travelling up and down the country this summer and chatting to those who can teach me but also be potential colleagues. Doing this, has enabled me to broaden who I know and what I know and in doing so, I’ve found and stepped upon those keys. Now it’s a matter of continuing to put myself out there.

My mum always says, even now, “just keep working hard, as you are, and in time it’ll all fall into place”.

I know this to be true and so does everybody else in the world. If not, keep searching with an open mind.

Next time…

you meet a new person. Get to know how they got to where they are today. Not with that as your first intention, but keep it at the back of your mind and be sure that the conversation will slide towards it. Try to see, no matter how small, the changes that happened!

Oh look, a thought just popped into my head!

Next splurt guys! I’ve wanted to learn Español for at least 5 months now. You know that mislaid key, I found it. We have got an Latin-American Spanish ERASMUS (exchange student) student for a WHOLE YEAR! I’ve never been so psyched. I get to speak it everyday and learn 24/7. I went even as far as changing the language on my phone to Latinoamérica Español! It’s great to pick back up what I learned during my month in Cuba.

Bish Bash Bosh

I had this thought a while ago and now it’s time.

Songs of the Week!

This is a killer song. Let it settle though, the solo sections are just wow. Five – Bill Evans

On a final final note, I can’t not put in this fella here. This song describes how I’m feeling right now. Take a listen and explore! At The End Of The Day – Amon Tobin


Please please give this a share! Come along for the ride and you may be surprised one day. I remember when I first followed Marc Fitt when he had just started out. Now he has over 200k subscribers on Youtube, over 1 million followers on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll leave you with one last aphorism that has inspired me this week. What does this mean to you?

You are blind and I am dead and dumb, so let us touch hands and understand

Make the week ahead a great one.

Peace out guys!


First Week Back Into The Final Year

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