This week, today, I was inspired to write about CHANGE. A good friend of mine, this morning, wrote to me about how he was feeling. I won’t be specific, but it was on the basis of negative thinking. Negative thinking is a result from how we feel.

I made one decision…

and that decision, was to acknowledge how I felt and how I react in certain situations I’m not comfortable with. I’m naturally quite an anxious person, but catching that feeling in those first few crucial seconds, seeing it for how it is, made me content with not only the feeling, but with who I am. The second we detach our feelings from our mind, the more we are not able to take the step into our relationship with our body. Not changing the way we feel, but the relationship. 

We as humans in the current era with live in, tend to guard our feelings and guard going back to a way we felt in the past. With any feeling, hiding or putting it under the blanket is only going to enhance that feeling. It’s a natural process to feel emotion, in order to improve in anything, you must change the I Want, into I Will or I Must, with a positive mindset towards this change.

When You Wake Up

When people wake up with a negative mindset, you will feel the way you had thought. Usually, before I sleep, I will take 30 seconds to go through my day from the moment I wake the the present. One day I thought, ‘Why do I create this mindset every morning’. From then on, I would acknowledge any thought with no pre-emptied thoughts about those thoughts, and soon enough, fewer and fewer of traits that I had decreased and allowed me to have a positive outlook.

The featured image

This is where I usually do calisthenics, this is the place I practise change. Every time I feel like giving up, like not giving it that push, I change this and do the opposite. I am left feeling pumped and ready to smash the day ahead. Or if I don’t feel like practising, I change this and Do It. 100% focus, because nobody is going to do it for me. Only I can do this and this gives me more satisfaction than ever. You Know You Can Do Anything. 

The week just gone…

I have been up to lots, but the most important part of the week I am pumped for, is to be play with other people. With the nature of my course, it was somewhat difficult to find that balance between playing in a jazz/afro-cuban jazz situation and keeping up work for assessments on the classical side of things. Now as a 4th year, I have more time than ever to organise how I wish (to some extent) and now I can get back on the treadmill and keep on running towards what I need to work on now, playing with people. Playing with people, is a completely different ball game from playing to a recorded track or practising solo.

Mis últimas palabras (My Final Words)

I hope I have inspired you today with what I wanted to say. This may be a music blog into the life of a world percussionist/drummer, but it’s not all about the music and I think delving into the areas not directly looking music, is far more interesting. I mean, I did say life. 

Songs of the Week

I was going to a gig at the London Jazz Cafe. All of the top cats in world percussion were going to be in one spot and I was super excited. Unfortunately, the main player who this gig was for, got too ill to travel. So these songs today are for him.

Song No. 1 Bahia San Juan – Giovanni Hidalgo

Song No. 2 Loving Drums – Giovanni Hidalgo

Have a great week ahead.

Don’t forget to share!! 😀 Much love!

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