Living Off The Rush

Happy Monday!

As you may have noticed, most of my Blogs are based around motivation and inspiration.

This week for me has been a crazy one. You know, where you feel as if you’re feet don’t leave the ground. So…Salsa dancing (Cuban of course) recording(s), lesson after lesson, travelling to London, networking and seeing Submotion Orchestra + Niladri Kumar with Sukhvinder Pinky = lots of early mornings and late nights.

Sound familiar? To most of us, most probably. It’s tiring and sometimes we can get a little lost on the way, leaving us down and exhausted. The trick? Live off the Rush! 

You know what I mean, that buzz of energy we all have within us. The drive of passion for what we want to do. To Live life to it’s highest potential. I am beginning my journey in building my business plan with The Prince’s Trust, one point was made from a guest speaker about a woman who wasn’t happy about her job and wanted to live in Australia. The answer/question? Well, why don’t you do it? She seemed convinced after that point. She may well be there!

So that’s it, why not!! We give ourselves excuse after excuse, only to put off our goals. ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘Now isn’t a good time’ etc. etc. etc.

But all to often, we can get sucked into negative thoughts. ‘Why do I bother’, ‘Should I just give up?’, ‘I hope I don’t have to send that report out’. It’s natural. Tip – Remind ourselves of our goals and passion (start looking if not) every morning. Keep on track guys.

What I do, is I write everything I will do the night before. Get up early (6.30am at the moment) splash your face with cold water, look in the mirror and say to myself my goals and what I’m grateful for. As a self-employed musician, living of our energy we have is so vital to keeping on track and focused. It can be difficult but the rewards are second to none.

Live Off The Rush guys.

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Living Off The Rush

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