This past week…

As mentioned in my previous blog I went home for the week to do Little Shop of Horrors and I have to say it’s an awesome show to play and watch! Highly recommend it. Here’s my setup below! 


The week seemed like I was there for months so it must have been me making the most of Bath. Here’s what I did and do do as soon as I get up – improvise and create. Finishing studies and entering a new passage in life is like beginning 1st year again. It’s all about ‘the journey’ and ‘finding yourself’ 😀 


Don’t get me wrong I love Cardiff and sometimes it’s nice to be able to do my day-to-to activities as I wish – though I will miss being at the RWCMD with all the experiences. Today is the day we all find out our results and the 31 days we have left will most definitely become reality. Even more so, flights are booked an Brazil is officially happening! Woop! More travels to strengthen my world percussion playing to come next year (hopefully)

This week is REPCo rehearsals (student lead concerts) for the gig next week.

REPCo has brought me back in what is now an unfamiliar setting

It’s also Jazz week with many exams/performances taking place inc. travelling to London to see Django Bates (check out his album here) and from there I set on the final part of the rwcmd journey to perform the Opera, The Magic Flute! Go to the rwcmd website to see what’s on! 

So I’m going to love you and leave you for today. Have a great week one and all and I’ll be back for more and news on today’s verdict! 

Late night inspiration – Bob Marley Documentary

Peace ‘n’ ❤ 

W A T C H  –  T H I S  –  S P A C E

H x

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This past week…


Today I wanted to share with you how great it is to be pumped to be alive! As I wrote this at 6.30am, listening to Objekt Boiler Room Berlin DJ Setwe can all empathise with one another, that at times we can get really tired of what you love to do….or is it tiredness of the grind? You know when you know you want to get something done, but yet there’s that lack of drive?!

Currently, I’ve been back in Cardiff for just over a week now (and soon to be back in Bath to do the show of Mid-Life Crisis – The Musical! ) and all I’ve been doing is working on my final recital due in less than one month (15th May) and playing only 6 pieces, no matter how creative you are it is a challenge to keep spirits high. High praise for the 6 show a week guys on the West End!

I was talking to a friend yesterday and as conversations go, a 30 minute conversation turned into 2 hours. We were talking a little about post-graduation and acknowledging the most difficult aspect would be to find motivation. Not practising, not getting up early. Motivation. It was rather eye opening, how somebody can open up about their concerns and doubts; concerns and doubts that I had no doubt I’d and most other people had experienced.

The main part of it though, was not doing the things you want to do. We called this resisting temptation. Taking time out from the daily grind but knowing that everything you do, is all part of the process. For me, I could have gone back to practice 90 minutes earlier but I knew that talking to my friend, Elin, was going to have some impact in my life somehow. And that goes for anybody. The most recent good read of mine here has been one of the best reads in a while and is definitely paying off. But how to get started? Take a hint from Nike #JustDoIt. How I did it? I didn’t like reading books all that much, so I watched Ted Talks with the aim of relating what I watch to music, no matter how unrelated it may seem. No that’s what I do everyday as part of my life. Why not give it a go?

If you’re pumped with everything that you do in life, it all falls under the same umbrella.  

When I’m back from RWCMD commitments I have an exciting project (that I need my home studio for) and prior to that, I’ll be getting on the development stage of getting my ideas completed and ready to get out to the world. Wait for music, Vlogs, collaborations, travelling…and we’ll see where that takes us!

So today guys,

Get pumped. If you’re not satisfied get up early to get what you want to get done. #JustDoIt. 

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On the line

I was on my way back from a Samba session in Bristol (I forgot to mention, as part of my travels after my graduation, I’ll be spending 2 weeks in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil!!!) and I unexpectedly caught the beginning to end of this BBC Radio 3 Sunday Feature. This feature was about the questions surrounding what being an artist is and whether there are too many….?! It’s these days of unexpected, fortunate life events that bring home the fundamentals of what you do. 

As part of the 10 days I’ve taken off (until tomorrow when the grind begins once again) I’ve tried to incorporate living and doing the things I enjoy most. That’s why the above podcast really stood out to me. I hope it stands out to you too!

Music is no different to life and vice versa. It’s the same with most things. As you experience new things you grow each day, bit by bit. Things like getting out of the house or work space to go for a walk, learning something new or anything that breaks up the monotonous daily routine.  

One thing I did was to spend 4 days in Fowey, Cornwall on a family holiday. Simply being with your family and learning more about them is rather important I think. You’ve grown up with them, no matter how your upbringing was or is. Take some time to learn understand a little more about your parents/siblings. 

How does this relate to the title? Well, it’s all about getting in touch with you. You don’t even have to have time off, it’s a daily activity! So for me, expanding my travels, meeting new people, those unexpected fortunate life events, family breaks, generically breaking up the monotonous routine are all aspects in your life that enables you to grow as a person through experiences. You’re on the line towards the unknown. Even if that line has a goal, who knows what and how you’ll feel once you get there. 

For me, all of the events that will be happening before my travels to Brazil (and hopefully West-Africa/India) such as meeting new people, are all ‘on the line’. They can go one way or the other….but that’s the exciting part….what will be there? Who knows. 

!!Get yourself on the line and get ready to ride it!!

I hope you guys who get to read this like it! Please do get in touch, it would be great to hear your thoughts! Have a great week! 

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You can view these photos on my Instagram! 🙂

On the line

What do you want?

Stop what you’re doing and listen here. It’s time to stop putting off what you want to do. It’s time to stop doing the ‘it pays the bills’ job. It’s time to get in action. It’s your life.

Nobody else is going to do it for you. 

In my most recent endeavours on the entrepreneurial road, I’ve begun to notice how people behave. Most people tend to shrug their shoulders as if to say ‘well, it’s too late now’, even it’s a company that they own themselves!

As a musician, I (and we alike) are self-employed and funny to say, we have to be passionate about ourselves, our business. Me. Me and my mind, my body is my business. The other plans (currently in the stage of writing my business plan) are simply an external part of it all.

Our job is a doing job. 

I see too many musicians thinking theoretically about their practice regime and they don’t get nearly as far as those who just get down and dirty. Theory comes when your level of understanding and knowledge needs to meet the demands of your progression. Simple.

Most people I know that are successful in their own right, also know who they are pretty well. I mean they’re confident in their skin and have a clear understanding of who they are in their life. You can see this type of person a mile off, they have a strong presence and are clear in what they want. The strongest characteristic is there ability in making clear, precise decisions on a daily routine.

So what’s the problem? Well, I can only speak for myself and for me individually it was too many thoughts. But, I’ve noticed that people delve into too many thoughts also. Questioning this and that ultimately results in a trail of mess.

Solution No.1 - Write it all down.

Don’t just write it out how it is in your head. Categorise! Our brains consistently organises and categorises information everyday for us, give your mind a break and do put your questions, doubts and so on into clear perspective.

Solution No. 2 - Just Do It.

When you’ve completed solution No. 1. You should be able to take action now you can see your thoughts clearly. No it’s time to be clear about what you really want. On a separate piece of paper, prioritise in order from highest to lowest and organise them into a daily, weekly and monthly routine. Now, #JustDoIt

Solution No. 3 - What's the excuse.

Get out of the habit of saying ‘I’ll wait until I’ve got more time’, ‘I’ll wait until after I’ve finished this’ and anything else that means postponing what you want. The more you get into habitual patterns that results in action, the better. Ask yourself this question; Well, why not now? This very same question was asked to me, I said ‘I’ll start planning after my degree’, the response was the exact question. Stop the excuses.

Or if your situation is a little more tricky i.e. your boss stopping you getting to your goal, find a solution around it. I recommend The 4-Hour Work Week. It’s not about being a millionaire but finding solutions to allow you more freedom.

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What do you want?

Living Off The Rush

Happy Monday!

As you may have noticed, most of my Blogs are based around motivation and inspiration.

This week for me has been a crazy one. You know, where you feel as if you’re feet don’t leave the ground. So…Salsa dancing (Cuban of course) recording(s), lesson after lesson, travelling to London, networking and seeing Submotion Orchestra + Niladri Kumar with Sukhvinder Pinky = lots of early mornings and late nights.

Sound familiar? To most of us, most probably. It’s tiring and sometimes we can get a little lost on the way, leaving us down and exhausted. The trick? Live off the Rush! 

You know what I mean, that buzz of energy we all have within us. The drive of passion for what we want to do. To Live life to it’s highest potential. I am beginning my journey in building my business plan with The Prince’s Trust, one point was made from a guest speaker about a woman who wasn’t happy about her job and wanted to live in Australia. The answer/question? Well, why don’t you do it? She seemed convinced after that point. She may well be there!

So that’s it, why not!! We give ourselves excuse after excuse, only to put off our goals. ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘Now isn’t a good time’ etc. etc. etc.

But all to often, we can get sucked into negative thoughts. ‘Why do I bother’, ‘Should I just give up?’, ‘I hope I don’t have to send that report out’. It’s natural. Tip – Remind ourselves of our goals and passion (start looking if not) every morning. Keep on track guys.

What I do, is I write everything I will do the night before. Get up early (6.30am at the moment) splash your face with cold water, look in the mirror and say to myself my goals and what I’m grateful for. As a self-employed musician, living of our energy we have is so vital to keeping on track and focused. It can be difficult but the rewards are second to none.

Live Off The Rush guys.

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Living Off The Rush


Nowadays, it’s all a rush. A constant stream of information at the end of our fingertips. Hence, why I missed last weeks’ weekly Sunday Blog.

As a self-employed musician, entrepreneur, soon to be unleashed into the world. It seems we are at high-speed. The trick? Be the person at a slow pace.

The heavy snow that’s hit us, especially in Cardiff has in some ways been a God send. It’s forced me to take a slower pace. The slower pace, means reanalysing where you are right now. In the high-speed world, we get so caught up with what we do we forget about what the purpose in what we’re doing.

So what to do? Reanalysing is planning the time ahead of you, being able to plan your income, expenses and mini-holidays is essential. Over the past two days, I’ve been focusing on reading and planning about starting a business (not just promoting me) contacting those who can help and also widening the travelling further away than before. Now most of us (if you’re in the UK) have got the time off, look at where you are now. Is it what you want? Are you where you want to be? What would the worst case scenario be, if you changed to where you want to be? In most cases, the answer is either no or the risk is minimal and reversible. So start planning and eliminate all that is getting in your way, whether it’s your actual job or emails that are distracting. 

It’s time to stop flying around and re-focus. 

Over the next year or so, I will (hope) be making vast improvements and developments in my career. Ask yourself those important questions, do your research and get your focus game on.

Plan. Re-focus. Live in Time.

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Importance of Selling Yourself with Music

Only when a juggler misses catching his ball does he appeal to me.

Kahlil Gibran

Happy Sunday!

In the most recent adventures in my currently developing career (it’ll take off once I have I am graduated and not committed to college, I have lots of ideas and projects besides travelling to study) it was said to me that I needed to do more than just play the music, that I needed to sell myself. That unique aspect about somebody that distinguishes one from the other.

As a musician, it’s vital to be so comfortable with what you’re playing.

Our (my) method

The answer is simple. Focus only on the music. By doing this, I and you can put all of your energy entirely on one area, so that we can optimise it to achieve the highest potential…..sell it.….this is a life’s work. When I practice, it’s about working directly on the problems in your playing whether creating a diverse technical, theoretical, musical facility, and discovering the another problem through that. I’m allowing myself time to discover myself through music, working on my concepts

I always use this metaphor; (see also A Day In The Life of a Music Maniac)

It’s like a big bubble that separates into smaller bubbles. 

In relation to the above it’s vital to leave other world problem to the person whose passion resides in that field. 

Maximise your potential, not somebody else’s. 

Today listen to this short documentary. Here Bill Evans opens his mind and reveals some important views on his philosophies – listen out for when he moved to New York to make a big break….it’s very interesting.

 Universal Mind of Bill Evans (1966 Documentary)

One final point that can help your learn about how to perform is to see them perform. I watched Evelyn Glennie  perform yesterday, whom is a renowned percussionist to analyse how she sells herself. Her performance style was/is very captivating even when playing nothing, she is always moving in some way flowing from one phrase to the other. I highly recommend watching this Ted Talk, you can see her explaining about her point of view on music especially when being partially deaf.

How to truly listen

I hope I’ve inspired some of you out there, to think about the way you perform and present yourself – whether during an interview, meeting somebody new or just you’re best mates.

Be inspired. 

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