Nowadays, it’s all a rush. A constant stream of information at the end of our fingertips. Hence, why I missed last weeks’ weekly Sunday Blog.

As a self-employed musician, entrepreneur, soon to be unleashed into the world. It seems we are at high-speed. The trick? Be the person at a slow pace.

The heavy snow that’s hit us, especially in Cardiff has in some ways been a God send. It’s forced me to take a slower pace. The slower pace, means reanalysing where you are right now. In the high-speed world, we get so caught up with what we do we forget about what the purpose in what we’re doing.

So what to do? Reanalysing is planning the time ahead of you, being able to plan your income, expenses and mini-holidays is essential. Over the past two days, I’ve been focusing on reading and planning about starting a business (not just promoting me) contacting those who can help and also widening the travelling further away than before. Now most of us (if you’re in the UK) have got the time off, look at where you are now. Is it what you want? Are you where you want to be? What would the worst case scenario be, if you changed to where you want to be? In most cases, the answer is either no or the risk is minimal and reversible. So start planning and eliminate all that is getting in your way, whether it’s your actual job or emails that are distracting. 

It’s time to stop flying around and re-focus. 

Over the next year or so, I will (hope) be making vast improvements and developments in my career. Ask yourself those important questions, do your research and get your focus game on.

Plan. Re-focus. Live in Time.

#BlogNo. 21